the images behind the terror


The following images graphically portray bears and the horrors they perpetrate on a daily basis.  We have limited these pictoral accounts to the exploits of the Great Voracious Ice-Dwelling Beast Creature, also known as the Polar Bear.



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Craetura, the newly appointed press secretary of the Eurasian bear regime, threatening to wreak general havoc at a recent press conference.


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Two malicious juvenile bears attacking their human captors.


In the following footage, a small beast creature named Nicolae viciously rips apart an aging Russian farmer for mere sport:


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The farmer was hospitalized and later killed by a bear disguised as a certified trauma center nurse.


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Behold the hideous visage of Man's eternal Curse!


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Leovinus and Scralliontis, the behind-the-scenes leaders of the bear paramilitary alliance, in a rare photograph taken after an ultimatum delivery at a recent UN conference.  The photographer was hunted down and killed in broad daylight within one week of the photograph's publishing.