The Caper Concludes


When you awake, you find yourself tied to a chair in a dark room.  You try to scream, but find that you have been gagged as well.  In an adjacent room, you hear two hushed voices.

    "What are we going to do now?"

    "We continue as planned."

    "What about him?   Are we just going to leave him in there?"


    "Seems dangerous.   What if he gets loose after we leave?"

    "No matter.   He doesn't know anything, and we'll be long gone at that point."

    "I guess you're right.  I'd just be more comfortable if we didn't have all these loose ends everywhere."

    "Well, I --"

     Suddenly you hear a loud bang on the first floor, followed by a shout.


    Outside you hear scuffling and shouting.  Shots are fired.  After a little while, all is silent.   Then you hear another voice.

    "Good work, men.   That has this case wrapped up pretty well.  Lifting those fingerprints from the crime scene really paid off."

    You struggle to make noise and attract attention to yourself as various detectives, forensic specialists, and clean-up crews move in and out of the house throughout the rest of the day, but are unsuccessful.

    Though you are never found and can think of no clever way to free yourself from your bonds, you spend your remaining days (4) reveling in the satisfaction of a job well done.



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